Multi language

Dennis Smink

Offer the ability to show default placeholders and stuff in multiple languages.

  • [X] NL
  • [X] DE
  • [X] FR
  • [X] ES
  • [X] DA
  • [ ] IT

Please comment on this feature card if you want to request another language.

Current actual translation file:

    "Search documentation...": "Zoek in documentatie...",
    "Searching...": "Zoeken...",
    "Support": "Ondersteuning",
    "Back to website": "Terug naar website",
    "Page not found": "Pagina niet gevonden",
    "We are unable to find this page": "We zijn niet in staat om deze pagina te vinden",
    "Last updated": "Laatst geüpdate"


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Peter Brinck

Danish - And I can do the translation as well 😉

Dennis Smink

I have added the translation file to the opening!

Dennis Smink

Status changed to: In progress